Friday, May 25, 2007

Nice Friday Night

This evening I rode just under 10 minutes to get to Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh to see a cycling criterium. The 2007 Raleigh Downtown Criterium is a great event for the city. The 6:30pm start time made it an evening race for the professional women. The pro men got to run a twilight crit, as they started at 8:00pm. I couldn't believe how fast these guys were riding the first five laps--it was truly amazing. The riders look like blurry apparitions in the photo below.

Take a look at the crit course. The speed and all those turns in the main part of downtown were wicked. Just what I need, another riding hobby! I would have to be in much better shape. I can barely hang onto a 35 mile ride averaging 23 mph and this race was projected to be 50 miles at an average of nearly 28 mph.

The only pro cyclist I've ever ridden with was hanging in the main pack of the crit without a problem while other guys were dropping like flies. I really need to start riding a bit more.


Sheila Martin said...

Wow Jon your overall mileage is fanastic. Good for you, keep it up. I think you're in pretty darn good shape.

Jon said...

Thanks, I will keep trying!

Liz said...

Goodness, looking at your ride log widget makes me tired! That's so cool that you do this.

Jon said...

It's something that everyone can do, it's really not difficult to ride a road-bike. I think it's quite safe in groups. It's very scenic and relaxing at times too.