Saturday, May 19, 2007


The other day I started to run my mouth (okay, it was more like running my fingers on the blog) about conservation, today the thought occurred to me, "I'm a hypocrite." I drive a very large vehicle, a 4x4 Chevy Suburban, so I thought I could act instead of talk. Don’t get overly outraged, it is very well cared for and runs like a champ. The gas mileage is equivalent to the new Dodge Ram I drove for awhile. I don’t drive to many places during the week. If you counted them you’d find that there are some days that my truck never leaves the drive. I think driving somewhere to meet up for a bike ride is the majority of my driving. Sad isn’t it? I often choose to ride from my house rather than load the bike on the truck. It hit me as I stumbled upon this. It’s a no brainer! I can get 50mpg getting to my bike-rides if I apdapt my mode of transportation! This is my prototype, v5.

Primarily constructed with aluminum, it’s strong, rigid, and light. We’ll see how it holds up over the next couple of weeks. It took awhile to get to this stage and I’m sure there will be one more fabrication session at a minimum.


sheila Martin said...

Awesome and ingenious.

Jon said...

Thanks! I rode around today for a few hours with my heavy mountain bike on the rack and it works great! Now I've got to make it look better.

Barfield said...

I would say that I'm shocked at this, but not really... You're always coming up w/ something. Talk to ya soon bro.

Jon said...

I've stopped shocking people, excellent!

Nobody knows how hard I've worked over the years to reach this high point in my life!