Monday, September 17, 2007

Before there was Boise

We sold our home in Raleigh.

Emptied the house.

Stopped in at the Pancake Pantry in Nashville, Tennesee for the best-ever pancakes.

Continued on, bleary-eyed, through the hay bales of Somewhere, South Dakota.

Stopped for barbecue, hacky-sack and family time in Billings, Montana.

Toured the Beartooth Pass on bicycles.

Toured Grandpa Dunn's meticulous garden.

Spent some quality time with Granny and Grandpa, making sure to sample homemade plum jelly.

We also toured the ranch property, making mental notes of a long list of projects.

The original house on the ranch.

The original out-house on the ranch.

Chokecherries abound on the ranch--jelly is in my future!

Another lovely view.

(New) home sweet home.