Thursday, May 17, 2007

Two Pros in Two Days.... Come On!!!!

How long has it been since you’ve been schooled? I don’t mean the kind of educational experience that you seek out to enhance your intelligence. Nope, I don’t mean that type of schooling. I mean the raw, nasty, get worn out, broke down, beat up, life education kind of schooling. I meant to go for a hard road bike ride on Tuesday and a nice jaunt on the mountain bike last night with some friends. I got to the parking lot a bit early as usual and waited for the crowd to gather. My buddy Tom pulled a few minutes before 5pm and a couple of minutes later these 3 guys come swooping out of the woods, looking quite fresh I might say. We were off without much conversation and within minutes I knew I hadn’t showed up for a ride, my gut sank as the realization came over me like a dense fog takes over an early morning valley. I had to concentrate on the ride and try my best not to get dropped. The realization of my impending bonk came at about 14 miles into our ride, it was coming and it wasn’t going to be pretty. After the keeping up with the 23mph smoke-fest I endured Tuesday night, this was going be my Wednesday night fate. Then it happened… pssssssssssssssssss Tom flatted. It couldn’t have happened at a better time because my tilt light was getting ready to shine brightly. It was a great time for a flat: I had a hole in my spare tube, both rubber cement tubes were dry, after catching the speedsters to get another tube and getting back to Tom we found the stem had fallen out of that tube also! Tom started walking, I sprinted back to the truck so he wouldn’t have to walk to as far.
Tuesday night’s smoking fast pace was thanks to a pro rider named Chris…Thanks
The Wednesday ride-athon was compliments of the super duo of Will and Don, following closely behind was me, Tom, and then Dave. Thanks for showing me 2 Raleigh trails I didn’t know existed, I’ll definitely be back!

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