Friday, March 16, 2007

Tour De US

We returned to NC from our whirlwind tour of the US. Well, I guess it wasn't really a tour of the US since we only went to Montana and California. The vacation was nice, it's always great to be with family. We accomplished many things on the vacation and have done a bunch of stuff since we got home Sunday. The vacation highlights include visits with family, yoga, snowboarding, massage, home cooked meals, beers, a car wreck (or scuff), an emergency Vet visit, real estate inspection, hiking, a tad of urban biking, excruciating airport layovers, and coming home to T-dog and all of our friends. We'll try to blog about the stuff we've done on the homefront soon. The vacation was great.

The property in Montana, homestead for my family.

View of the Beartooth Mountain range. If you look closely you can make out the ski runs of Red Lodge Mountain resort.

"Men in Trees"
Big Trees in Big Basin California. Alec and I hanging out in a Coastal Redwood.

Sandy, one of the newest Raleigh Firefighters. We are so proud of her, talk about huge accomplishments.

Kate doing Yoga, Tucker's version of "downward dog".


Anonymous said...

what's this about a car wreck and er vet visit? Les:)

Liz said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Your trip looks super relaxing,