Wednesday, February 28, 2007

UST update

It is all quiet here on the eastern front.

The above is the final picture for February 28, but not the final picture for the tank removal. Cohesion INC. will finish the job by prepping and seeding grass in the work area to try and restore the lawn to "pre-tank removal" condition. I think it will take years. Check out the updates below to see how we got to final picture of the day.

This is the truck they used to hauled our contaminated dirt to the private landfill.

Tucker standing next to the UST.

Nice quad dumptruck bringing in the crush-n-run.

It was huge.

Pushing the crush-n-run and topsoil back into the hole. (btw, the hole ended up being about 10x12 by 18 feet deep!)

Chris showing us how deep the dumptruck ruts were in my grass. I might sound like an old fart but, it made me hurt to see the lawn torn up so badly today. Hopefully it will be better soon.


Liz said...

That's really something! What a project...although that's really sad about the lawn. :(

jon said...

It's been a huge project. Thankfully it is almost over. We returned from vacation and I've tilled and reseeded the work area. Our yard is finally getting back to normal. All the plants are going off! We picked up 5 yards of mulch yesterday, I smell a weekend of yardwork in the mix. Hopefully we'll get some news up on the blog. take care!