Monday, February 18, 2008


As much as I wish it weren't so, I finally got to test Jon's nursing skills. I have been sick since Friday. At first, I didn't think I was getting really sick, I thought maybe it was just allergies. But alas, I am really, truly, miserably sick.

Friday: sore throat
Saturday: body aches
Sunday: runny nose
Monday: wicked cough, body aches, and runny nose

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

I was thinking that Jon has proven to be an excellent nursing student. He has been making sure that my cold is well-fed, plying me with vitamins and water, inquiring about whether my cough is "productive" and what color my snot is, and generally keeping track of my symptoms to make sure this doesn't turn into something more serious. He felt my glands and took my temperature. No fever.

Today I was feeling worse than ever and could barely move so I took a nap after lunch. Jon was doing laundry and I was too immobilized to shut the bedroom door and keep out the noise of the washer and dryer. I couldn't even muster the energy to call out to him in the other room. I had my cell phone handy so I feebly fingered a text message to him: "Nurse!"

Then he did something very un-nurse like, I thought. He threatened that if I did that again he would take my temperature again...rectally! How rude! Fine then, next time I will ring a bell.


Anonymous said...

Bedside manners are so important in the nursing professional. It's an uphill battle. No wonder patients come out of the hospital and complain about the dr's and nurses being so above it all. lol They have their dignity to uphold!

Anonymous said...

Threating is a way of life with nurses. It gives them the power. It's so sad.

Anonymous said...

Bedside manners are so important for nurse professionals. It is usually my way or i'll just forget your in that room or your light is on. I must say, jon was being a little harsh. He must have been in the middle of a very important task to have acted like Take heart I am sure when you get well you will give him an ear

jer said...

the big question is....

did he wear his hat?