Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back on the Market!

No, not that market!

We were surprised to learn a few days ago that the house we sold in Raleigh last July is back on the real estate market. Our former next door neighbors were sitting on their front porch when Jer mutely pointed at the "For Sale" sign. Shock and awe, indeed. A flurry of phone calls and the news was flying around amongst our Raleigh friends. The next day I started to receive emails from folks in the neighborhood, too. Everyone is puzzled. The family that bought our house has alot of history in the neighborhood as two other family members live just down the street! This was to be their forever home.

Looking at the pictures they posted makes me think this was a hurried decision. The kitchen is a mess, pictures on the wall are crooked, I can see boxes peeking out in the photo of the dining room, and in just six short months, the drought has taken a serious toll on the yard that we toiled over.

I don't know what unfortunate (I am assuming) turn of events caused this. Perhaps the new owners got in over their heads with the payments. The husband is a realtor so perhaps the downturn in the market has affected them personally. Maybe they hate the house. Who knows, but I feel badly about it: for them if this is an unexpected life change, and for us and the house which I have so personified through the hours of labor and pieces of our hearts we poured into it.


Los Angelista said...

Wow, what a shock. Your old house was so cute and homey.

Are they divorcing maybe?

And Happy Valentine's Day to you! ;)

Anonymous said...

shock and awe indeed. I'd like tomn know the rest of the story. Your house was so great/ One man's castle is another man's ( you never know what
circumstances will bring)

Selina said...

hi neighbor...

don't you worry, I'm trying my best to get someone to buy your house that will appreciate everything you guys did - inside and outside!

jer said...

its a sign that ya'll need to come back to raleighwood.

we're surrounded by weirdos now, and not the good kind.