Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Magazine and Marketing Rant

Call me ungrateful, but when I subscribed to Yoga Journal, I never expected that my contact information would be sold to sundry fitness companies. As far as I can recall, there was no disclaimer or ability to opt out. There was no mention of it whatsoever and I am now receiving catalogs from Champion and Everlast to name a few.

I called Yoga Journal to have myself removed from this "feature" but I am so incensed that I will not be renewing my subscription. I have a lot of respect for the content and contributors of Yoga Journal Magazine and for the organization as a whole--I held them to a high(er) moral standard.

The moral, however, is that Yoga Journal is certainly owned by some media conglomerate to whom I paid money for the magazine and who in turn marketed and sold my demographic information for an additional profit. I feel totally duped. Now I am left to suffer the conscious and practical burden of unwanted mail and wasted resources as a result of printing, manufacturing, and the transportation of said unwelcome solicitations.

I've heard that the magazine industry on the whole is suffering because paper subscriptions are down. They will soon suffer the loss of one more customer! Arrrrrgggghhh!

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John said...

...and you'll no doubt receive these wasteful mailings until the end of your natural life. I hate this. I just wonder how much of our precious natural resources are wasted on this garbage (literally)?