Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fluffy White Stuff

Our part of the country has been seeing alot of precipitation lately. Jon is in Salt Lake City this week snowboarding on 14 plus inches of fresh powder with friends from Raleigh while I am at home taking pictures and digging out the driveway.

Snow falling in front yard and driveway.

A few inches in the back yard.

Always good to know where you are in a snowstorm.

Snow-covered lilac branches.


Anonymous said...

I want some here in MT. It's going to be 40* today. Not what I would call winter! Les:)

jer said...

oh i see.....

you go snowboarding with those friends from raleigh, do we get an invite?


fine then, no more bbq for the dunns.

falling on snow is for weenies anyways, be a man and fall on some concrete.

Anonymous said...

wow, what beautiful pictures!