Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Sorry for the delinquent nature of our blog posts, there really is no excuse even though much has happened in the past few weeks. We've had family and friends visit our new home in Boise. The last two weekends we've made trips to Bonneville Hot Springs to soak ourselves in the soothing mineral water of central Idaho. We forgot to take pictures the second weekend but here are a couple of shots from the first weekend.

The hot springs are a great time and they are sure to be a hit with all of our visitors!

We had our first North Carolina visitors last weekend! We hit the Hot Springs, explored downtown Boise, chilled out on the couch watching football, and celebrated birthdays. Great times, we can't wait for the next visit!

Monday we drove from Boise to Billings in a blizzard. The drive isn't bad at all in normal weather, typically it takes less than 9 hours. It took us 12 hours this trip, 6 hours of slow driving in 4 wheel drive on the I-90. We sure were glad to pull into Billings! There are about 6 inches of snow on the ground from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. There will be no plum jelly parties on this trip!

Happy Thanksgiving from snowy Montana!


Selina said...

Happy turkey day from 75 degree raleigh!!!

Liz said...

Look at that now! Wow! Whenever I think of Billings, I think of the E.B. White book, "The Trumpet of the Swan".

Glad you all had folks come visit you and had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Good wishes to you both!

Jon said...

Selina- 75 degrees! Wow, such nice weather for turkey day.

Liz- I haven't read that book, might have to hit the library.

Anonymous said...

The photo with the rainbow is incredible.