Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We have had lots of visitors over the past month, and lots of visiting.

My parents came into town for a long weekend. I was very excited for them to visit and hopeful that they would fall in love with Boise. No matter how old I am, I still want to know that my parents think I am capable of making sound decisions. My mom had been to Boise in the summer on an unfruitful trip to find some rental housing. Fortunately for us, the rental market was barren and we settled instead into our little home.

Having sworn off of cold winters since relocation to Florida from Ohio, I was worried that my folks would be terribly uncomfortable in the cool autumn mornings. They fared just fine, though, and I even caught my dad walking around town in just a sweater or long-sleeved shirt. Well, and pants, too. I know I enjoyed their visit very much and I think they did, too.

Overlapping my parents' visit was a visit from Jon's aunt and uncle from central Idaho, as well as cousins from Salt Lake City and Montana. There was a significant birthday event and we surprised the man of the hour with a faux-Halloween 50th birthday party.

Shortly after that, our friends Mike and Caroline came to visit from Raleigh. We met Mike and Caroline through our beloved neighbors Jer and Selina who we miss very dearly. No neighbors or friends will ever replace them--they are that incredible. I feel thankful that we never took our friendship for granted--meeting in between the yards at 5:30 every weekday to share the joys and sorrows of our workdays. We knew then that we would likely never find the same elsewhere and that is just fine.

So it was no surprise that we also became fast friends with Mike and Caroline. Mike and I both happen to be Scorpios, our birthdays two days apart. What good fortune that we were able to celebrate Mike's birthday here in Boise. I felt so blessed to have them here with us, and to celebrate the event I made, what else? Carolina pork barbecue. We talked and ate and laughed and while I miss them terribly now that they are gone, I am thankful for the blessing of their friendship.

The day that Mike and Caroline left for Raleigh, Jon and I also left for Billings. Unfriendly weather was on the horizon and as Jon has already recounted, we drove through a gnarly snowstorm. Having never driven in falling snow, I teetered between complete trust in Jon's judgement and driving abilities and a complete freak-out. It's a fine line, folks.

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I felt lucky to have arrived in Billings safely. We spent several days visiting and eating with family. For the first time in my memory, I didn't have to lift a finger for Thanksgiving dinner; I just showed up and ate. We even made time for the downtown Billings annual holiday parade. While I am still puzzled at this idea of dragging the entire town outdoors for a parade in 24 degrees on icy streets, I have to admit that it
was fun.

Too lengthy too have shared at the Thanksgiving table, this is my grace.


goodgreekgirl said...

i'm thrilled we were able to visit boise sooner than later. now i have a sense of the amazing landscape, the beautiful downtown and your lovely house & yard, and can better visualize what you're up to. when you say you're headed to the co-op, i'm there with ya! and really wish i was there for all the goldy stops! looking forward to our next visit...wherever it may be. have ticket, will travel :).
much love your way!!

jer said...

so i think we need to set a weekly or monthly "beer time, a.k.a beer o'clock" a pre set time in which we ALL enjoy the cold refreshing taste of our good good friend BEER at the exact same moment.

it'll be just like the old backyarders of days gone by, just cross country, and in different time zones, and i guess the weather would be different out there.

we miss you guys too, heres the part where i beg you to come back to NC. (FYI: the new neighbors are nowhere near the coolness level that you guys set over there, damn fine waste of coolness if you ask me)

Kate said...

I love the idea--I am drinking a glass of wine with you right now!