Wednesday, October 24, 2007

He Shoots....He Scores!!!!

No, I'm not talking about basketball. Those of you that know me are aware of my lack of interest in most team sports. I'm referring to acceptance into the Boise State University Nursing program, I'm finally IN. The thick envelope came in the mail today. After all the headaches, the wait is over. It's a pretty simple letter beginning with "Congratulations Mr. Dunn", blah blah blah, you can probably guess the rest. I did try to call several folks to share the news but it seems that everyone I know was pretty busy or call screening me today. :)

What a relief it was to get that letter. I wasn't left with much assurance after checking with admissions a few weeks ago about the list. They were working through it, but not nearly as fast as they thought they would. I'll admit I was starting to wonder if I was going to have to reapply next semester.

Big smiles... and big sighs.

I'd celebrate right now with a few beers but I've got class tonight so maybe when I get home!


Kate said...

What a relief! I mean, I knew you could do it! Guess this means the big move wasn't for naught! So proud!

goodgreekgirl said...

way to go! very excited for you as we know it's been a long, long winding road. congratulations jon...we look forward to celebrating with you!

John said...

W A A H O O O ! FINALLY! I'm happy for you Jon. You guys have had a helluva year and you deserve this.

jer said...

right on man, congratulations.

and don't worry we know nurses don't watch team sports, they sit around and gab about oprah and what happening with days of our lives, when do you get your cute little white hat?

just kidding, again congratulations, its been a long time coming, i'll pop a beer on your behalf this evening.

but seriously when DO you get the little white hat?

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO JON!!!!!! I am so proud to call you my little brother! (blush) So, I can look forward to free medical advice? LOL! Love ya tons! Les:)

Jon said...

GGG, thanks a bunch and I can't wait for ya'll to get here either. It's gonna be a ball!

John, Thanks bro. It's been a long time coming.

Jer, be honest... You just want to borrow my little white hat don't you?

Les, :) thanks for the encouragement while I waited.

Chris said...

Great news!

We're very proud of you. How soon can we hit you up for free medical advice? I think Deb still has her planter's wart and I've got this rash. :-)

Congrats! - The Westcoast Martins

Bill said...

Just got back from Sandy's birthday cruise....Congratulations! I know this has been a long time coming. Wish I could celebrate with you in person.....So now when you and Kate play dress up, who gets to be the nurse?

Jon said...

Chris- Thanks for the pat on the back. As for the medical advice, I'll be glad to start anytime but it may be safer to wait until I pass the license exam before you take the advice I give!

Bill- Thanks man, hope the cruise was a blast. I think we'll leave the status quo in place for the other, you'll just have to guess!