Friday, May 11, 2007


Have you ever been picked as an "alternate" for something? Until I went to the mailbox today it had never happened to me. It's an interesting feeling. Today I found out that I am #10 on the "alternate list" for the BSU Nursing program. Most of you remember the saga of my application, read about it here if you haven't seen or don't remember the deal. Last year the cutoff for entry into the program was 194, the staff thought it would be 196 this year. My 202 didn't cut it and being #10 on the waiting list tells me that the cutoff this year must have been 203. Yikes, I knew this was a competitive process but sheesh... give a student a break! There was a touch of great news today, we got an offer on the house. We'll have to do some negotiating and see what happens.
Check out the letter from BSU here.

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