Monday, June 18, 2007


Some of you might know that Jon regularly photo documents his daily activities using the camera on his cell phone. While diligently at work today, I received the following photos:

How exciting! Our first ripe tomato of the year, a Sungold!

How cruel! Jon is eating our first ripe tomato!


Jon said...

I only have one word for my love, "Yum". You might have thought I'd say sorry, but that tomato was my reward for getting laundry off the line, and then putting another load on the line in this 95 degree heat.

Anonymous said...

what is with the facial hair? Les:)

Kate said...

Hey Les--
Jon is growing his facial hair for an upcoming Civil War re-enactment!

sheila said...

Would that Civil War celebration be on the 4th of July, by any chance?

Kelly said...

I've added homestead harvest to my blog links...hope you don't mind!

I'm getting back on the blog bandwagon :)