Saturday, June 16, 2007

Say Cheese!

Today I decided to shoot some video around the yard. My original intent was to capture some video of Tucker in his later years, but I realized he still acts pretty young.

Typically dogs that are getting on in the years will start to show the symptoms of osteoarthritis and Tucker was no exception. A few months ago we were playing catch in the yard and the boy was really on his game, like the silver surfer of the dog world, although he had already started to require more frequent breaks. That day seemed like it might be his last "good" day of playing. He was stiff and sore after just a couple of minutes of rest and I was afraid the old standard mid-air catch was gone forever. The stiffness continued for days afterwards and Kate and I began to worry about him. We headed to the vet to make sure that he hadn't hurt something. After a few xrays our vet decided Tucker's hips were hurting him and she recommended that we start feeding him Hill's j/d. It was $60.00 for 30 pounds of kibbles. At first we thought it was pretty expensive, but check out these videos. He's running around like a 2 year old! We've realized that his food is actually pretty darn cheap.

After about 6 hours of yard-work we were pretty sure we'd be chillin out around the house rather than hitting downtown live. Check out the recreated bed in Jer & Selina's yard.

How it began

We reclaimed this bed

Do you know what this is? If you don't know what it is you may want to burn this into your memory and avoid it like the freakin' plague. You don't want to be introduced. It is Poison Ivy, and it's thick in these parts.

After a few minutes into an impromtu jam session Mike was breaking into music about Cash, our new intact pup. He'll be getting snipped just as soon as he's healed up from his heartworm treatment. I got some great video of Mike doing this little improv, priceless I tell you, just priceless!

Someone decided we would just crank up the grill and hang out in the backyard tonight. Jer grilled the bison burgers while Kate ran a freshly created chipotle butter over the corn. She surprised us with ice cream and a great local June favorite, blueberries. As you all know, Kate likes to create great food equally as much as she likes to enjoy great food. Tonight she blew us away with a fresh blueberry sauce and a nice piece of dark chocolate. It was great, unbelievably exceptional!

You know I've got to throw the odd picture from our yard in here tonight. Look at this Lily. What in the world is it doing?

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