Friday, April 27, 2007

New Favorite

I know you should love all things equally, but I admit to picking favorites. Even worse, I am fickle--my favorite thing changes weekly, sometimes daily in the high gardening season.

Right now, my favorite plant is Baptisia 'Purple Smoke'. I bought this plant two years ago from the local Plant Delights Nursery, which specializes in, well, specialty plants. It was a tiny wee stalk back then and with each year has returned faithfully and quadrupled in size. What gardener wouldn't love this plant?

When it first emerges, it looks like purple asparagus.
(The picture below was taken on March 29th.)

Later, green leaves emerge on the smoky stems.
(The picture below was taken on April 15th.)

Here it is today, in full bloom and glory.

The peonies should be blooming soon...

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