Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yearly Dilemma

As the mail goes, this isn’t any different than other time of the year. Or is it? Christmas will be upon us very soon and before you know it Santa will be on the run delivering gifts. Today we received two packages on our doorstep, probably not from Santa. Any other time of year I would have ripped into them, but not this time of year. They don’t feel or sound like food. I think one package contains a pair of socks, not sure about the other. I generally follow the rules but it is so hard to leave new packages unopened. Should I open them or not… We’ll wait for Kate to help with this decision. I think I know what she’ll say.


Kate said...

Big fat resounding "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRiSTMAS!"

Jon said...

fyi: she opened the box for her!

It wasn't a "christmas" gift........ yea right!

Kate said...

It wasn't! Ask my mom!