Sunday, October 29, 2006

Holy Crapper!

It has been another busy weekend here in NC. Kate and I decided not to head to the mountains for our annual Halloween kayaking trip so we could get the bathroom ready for the impending appointment to template the granite Monday morning. It was a tall order since we still had to finish mudding, sand the drywall, prime the walls, and set the cabinets. It rained all day Wednesday and part of the early hours Thursday morning and I'm pretty sure that affected the drying time of the mud. Around midnight Friday night I was finally applying the last coat of mud, trying to be very precise with my ceiling corners so I wouldn't have to spend all day sanding. Saturday morning we ran a few errands, checked out some tile, and picked up some light fixtures before I started sanding. I absolutely, positively hate sanding joint compound. Wearing a nice mask doesn't seem to stop all the dust, it gets everywhere. By 2:00pm I was satisfied with my sanding and I was ready to begin priming. While running our errands we decided not to purchase a new can of primer ($32.00 a can) because there was an unopened can in the shed. The can had been in there a very long time. After stirring the old can of primer for 30 minutes I was rolling primer onto our bathroom's new walls! Sunday morning our chores began just shy of 9:00 am, perfect time to set cabinets! I thought we would be done in two hours, maybe 3 tops. I was way off. I was haning light fixtures at 2:30pm. I was astonished that it could've taken us that long, but we are quite proud of our accomplishment. We ordered middle of the road KraftMaid cabinets in the 3 sections, 2x27" and 1x18". The guys that do it for a living almost certainly could do it faster than we did (and with far less profanity I'm sure) but I know the finished product would be the same, perfection. Here are a few pictures for ya'll to see.

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