Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Eternal Optimism or Ulterior Motive?

While I debated whether we should pass out candy at all this year, Jon went out and bought Halloween candy. See, last year we only had four trick or treaters. Our neighborhood is filled with big lots, some of them over an acre. If I was a kid, I would only go to neighborhoods with townhouses and tiny yards. A few of the kids that came to our house crawled out of cars at the curb!

Jon is either hoping if he buys the candy the kids will come, or he is hoping to have lots of leftovers.

I calculated 116 ounces of candy. If my math is correct, that equals over seven pounds. If our numbers stay consistent from last year, that is almost two pounds of candy per kid.

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Anonymous said...

I think Jon likes the candy for himself! I remember last years conversation.