Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rough Bathroom

Last week I told my wife I would work on the bathroom remodel project. Okay, I put out specifics. I would lay and finish the subfloor and do the framing to hide an eyesore--a poorly designed brick and tile wall. The first picture below is where our new double sink counter will be installed. We are upgrading to two sinks in order to give our master bath the master bath feel!

The second picture is our new tub. It doesn’t just look deep--it is deep! Wahoooo, an actual bathtub in which you can immerse yourself!

Here in the third picture you can get a feeling for the framing I did over the weekend. In an effort to save 2 inches in our already small master bath I got a little creative and used 2x2s anchored solidly to the weight-bearing (previously exterior) wall.

The last picture is one that shows what we are really trying to hide! This peach tile was installed directly onto the brick wall. I guess if you are going for the "superglue" feel this is perfect. I don't recommend it though, not so easy to remove without taking the bricks with it!

All that and 75 miles of road riding, what a great weekend. Oh yea, have I mentioned that Kate mowed the lawn! I love her so!


Anonymous said...

way to go KATE-I think Jon likes the lawn mowing idea-ya think? love ya! Les:)

Jon said...

I do I do I do! :D