Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dinner and a Baby!

Last night we met Gabriella, she's such a cutie! She is the newest addition to the Cooper family. She is so precious, so tiny, and so delicate. I am always amazed with newborns. It is so fascinating to see such a little person. We wanted to have the Coopers over for dinner but thought it would be a bit much for the whole gang to pack up and come to our house so we decided to take the dinner to their place. Kate went over immediately after work and started to cook dinner. I picked up Kate’s bike from the shop. It was only 37 bucks to have Performance Bike in Cary true the rear wheel, realign the rear derailleur, and replace the chain. I hope that future rides in West Virginia are not as costly as this one has been. After getting the bike I went home and took Tucker for a quick run. It was brutally hot here yesterday. The heat index was around 105. I do not like the humidity at all! After our run T-dog looked like he could use a swim so I filled his pool with cool water. While Tucker enjoyed the soak I watered our berries and other plants near the patio. I got to the Coopers before 7pm, walked in and immediately found myself holding Gabriella. I think Kate was surprised to see me holding the baby so quickly. Thanks to my Mom and Sister for introducing me to newborns early in my life. Dinner was fabulous, as it always is when my wife creates her masterpieces. We enjoyed a salad, followed by a nice vegetarian dish consisting of onions, kalamata olives, garlic, and our homegrown tomatoes over pasta. It was a great evening!

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