Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Addiction is something that affects most people sometime in their lives. Last year I started to see the signs. Those signs were the odd catalog here or there, the secretly ordered packages arriving at the door and the trips taken on lazy Saturday afternoons with Sandy. I’m very observant, some of the people I’ve crossed paths with over the years have said I should’ve gone into intelligence. This year I realized those early signs last year were indeed the signs of addiction. Space kept the beast at bay though. I mean really! You can only plant so much in a 6’x20’ space. This year we are in an altogether place in our gardening frenzy. The 6’x20’ space was used for potatoes, about 40lbs of potatoes! What two people could eat that many spuds? We tried in vain, but lost some to time. This year we went all out planning and tilling the soil. We also have a 12’x30’ garden so space wasn’t going to be hard to come by, so I thought. Then it started, a catalog order here and there, a trip to Logans, and of course the Tomato Man. The Tomato Man is like a crack dealer to anyone (like Kate) who happens to be addicted to his “drugs”. We have 18 tomato plants in our garden! Since Kate has been in San Jose I’ve given away approxamtely 40lbs of tomatoes, and if you scroll down you’ll see what I’ve got left. They are taking over the Kitchen. Seriously tho, I’m just kidding. I am ecstatic about the tomatoes. In fact, I think I am more addicted to eating them than Kate. Kate is addicted to ordering, planting, caring for, and harvesting the little bits of heaven! Below you'll find the pictures of our harvest as of 8pm this evening.

Aren't they just amazing? I bet you wish this was scratch and sniff!

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