Wednesday, May 31, 2006


That is what is happening. In my yard, day after day, it is pure unadulterated combat. The vegetables are under constant attack by the crabgrass and its cohorts. I've spent a pretty good amount of time in the garden pulling, picking, or going after the weeds with a hoe this year. Today it was 88 degrees and the humidity was at about 50 percent. I was hot, and I did not enjoy working in the heat, but ambushing the weeds was uplifting. I did finish weeding the potato and vegetable garden. I even managed to cultivate the dug portions of the potato bed and replant our “2nd cut”. Most folks probably won’t know what I’m talking about so I’ll explain the 2nd cut. If you have ever been around hay you know what 2nd cut means. Second cut refers to the 2nd cut you get off a hay field in the same season. Kate and I don’t really have any hay fields here in NC, but the 2nd cut of our vegetables from our garden is the only type of 2nd cut we'll see for awhile.

Kate worked out and performed her neighborhood duties while I worked in the yard. We did go to The Rockford for dinner. Kate enjoyed a tomato sandwich while I munched on a somewhat dry Prosciutto chicken sandwich. For the venue, the P-chicken sandwich is my all time favorite. The fact that the sandwich is always very dry is surprising, since it is my fav. I’m not sure if it is by design or by mistake, and i wouldn’t dream of asking for fear of being rude, so I’ll just say it was meant to be and continue enjoying my fav sandwich. Getting late here, good nite…

P.S. We have tomatoes!


Antonio said...

I have been pondering the idea of growing a garden since my wife and I began the purchase of our home over a year ago. I had plenty of excuses last year, "honey we have a new born", "it's best to do it in the fall", "we have to stand on our hands and clap our feet 3 times in the rain". I showed the wife some of the pictures of your garden and I got the dreaded look that I have tried so hard to avoid, that look of "yeah dummy they have a garden, where's ours!" Well anyway, thanks for the inspiration.....I knew I should not have showed those pictures. :-(

Jon said...

The garden is nice to have, it's a good bit of work to get it growing but once it catches you had better be ready to eat. We'd be glad to help out when you decide to get yours going.