Saturday, May 27, 2006

just a note

Last night we went out here in Raleigh after grilling dinner on our patio. We had made plans earlier in the day to head over to Horniblows Tavern so we were ahead of the curve. I find that after a few drinks at the house it gets harder and harder to decide which of the Raleigh bars to hit. Horniblows is the only bar in town that has the right feel to it. The place is great, there is no smoking in the bar room. Its not the prettiest of bars, but with free pool, darts, and ping pong, how can you go wrong? After awhile of playing darts and drinking beer we headed back to the house and crashed out. The beer is phenomenal, all made right there next to the bar.

I woke up Saturday morning around 6 with a touch of a hangover (why, oh why didn’t I drink that glass of water before bed). After some biscuits with katemade mulberry/strawberry jam, I was off to Home Depot for materials to make tomato cages… Because you can only buy 100ft rolls of the wire I would liked to have used for the sum of 109 bucks, I decided to go the less expensive route and buy pre-made cages. It was a difficult thing to find large tomato cages. I drove all over north Raleigh and Knightdale stopping at 4 different places, with no luck. I had almost given up when I finally did find them at the 5th place. The rest of the day was spent working on the garden’s irrigation system, and mounting a new vice in my workshop. Kate and I did dig a bunch of taters too!!!! All in all, today has been a great day!

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