Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Droopy Things

While doing my morning walk in our Boise yard today, I noticed the number of plants abloom with hanging flowers. They are quite pretty. Their languid posture belies the fervor of spring.

These are currant flowers. Our two bushes are loaded with flowers this year, along with our gooseberry (we planted last spring). I had to move to Idaho so I could grow these -- they are outlawed in North Carolina because they are a possible vector for some pine tree disease.

This is our Harry Lauder's Walking Stick tree, also know as curly filbert.

We have lovely, massive bleeding hearts in our front yard.

Not a plant, but just as pretty. A Buddhist prayer flag that hangs in our backyard.


Anonymous said...

That is a great way to start the morning looking at such beautiful works of art.

Kate said...

Thanks Tricia!

Anonymous said...

The Bleeding Hearts are amazing. Where did you get your flag? What is somewhere special?