Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pork and Pioneers

I've recently become a fan of The Pioneer Woman's blog, which is filled with confessions, cooking, and photography among other things. One of the most alluring things about her blog (aside from the food, farm, and photography) is that she updates her blog multiple times a day. Not unlike what has been happening on this blog in the last month, er, um, anyway...

I have had my eye on a certain pork recipe (sorry, Tricia) on P
W's blog. We had a visitor from Salt Lake City this past weekend and I seized the opportunity to test this out in tacos. It's sort of a Carolina pork barbecue meets Mexico recipe, minus the barbecue. I diced up avocado, fresh jalapenos, and scallions, grated jack cheese, and served chipotle sour cream and two salsas: red (homemade and canned this past summer) and green (outed as supermarket canned salsa by our guest--when asked if it was homemade, I couldn't tell a lie). The piece de resistance, however, was a lime cilantro slaw that I adapted from a recipe I found in Bon Apetit magazine. Oh my, was it ever good!

Even after dinner for five (including three very hungry backcountry ski and snowboarders) and lunch the following day, we had plenty of pork left over which we froze in individual vacuum-sealed packages. Last night, we thawed a package while I whipped up another batch of lime cilantro slaw and we had round three of these beauties. I think they might deserve their own food group.

Lime Cilantro Slaw (sorry, I hate when recipes don't give ingredient amounts)

Mix together, tasting for flavor:

green cabbage, thinly sliced
chopped jalapenos
a large handful of chopped fresh cilantro
juice from several limes
a dollop of mayonnaise
a dash of salt


Anonymous said...

I forgive you for the pork recipe because you finally gave me something to do with the head of cabbage in my fridge. I can't wait to try it.
I will check out PW's blog because I love the idea of getting blog updates more often.

Kate said...

"...because I love the idea of getting blog updates more often." Ouch. I know, I know!

Anonymous said...

This is also GFCFSF if I use the mayo with no soy in it!- Shena

Anonymous said...

minus the cheese :) - shena