Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Playground

I found this picture of the homestead in Montana and thought I'd share it with everyone.

Kate and I have been doing a bit of construction around the Boise homestead since we returned from our Florida getaway. Our landing in Boise was uneventful even with 3 inches of snow on the runway! In the parking lot we were shocked to find 5 inches of snow covering Kate's Dodge Dakota. It snowed most days we we're away and has since snowed most of the days we've been back. Today was different though with 57 degrees most of our valley snow is gone. In the past week or so we've managed to do some snow construction in the front yard, snowshoe in the valley and at Bogus Basin. There has even been time for skiing and snowboarding! A bit of our handy work is pictured below.

We spent a few hours preparing for a snow battle that never happened. It's always good to be prepared isn't it?


Anonymous said...

It looks like the preparation was a lot of fun.

me said...

I have to say I found it really funny seeing the snow stuff you built in your front yard. I love the snow dog too. I can't wait to show the kids when they are awake tomorrow. They have never seen snow and are going to be asking to visit you I'm sure after they see how fun your place looks.
I'm glad you had a good flight and landing, it was so great to see you guys.