Wednesday, August 20, 2008


After more than 80 days working in Montana on our ranch I returned to Boise, and the many summer projects that need to be finished before school starts on August 25th. The list was very long a week ago, but we are crossing things off at a pretty quick rate. We've replaced a dilapidated screen door with a new Andersen glass door, replaced multiple door handles and deadbolts, power-washed the house and deck, repainted exterior doors and trim, built a bench on the deck, painted the deck, and done more yard work and weeding in the garden than one ever thought possible.

The trim repairs proved to be a bit more complicated than I expected. After removing the rotten trim I discovered a surprise; the old fascia boards were custom cut to fit together like a puzzle. To replace them would require a table saw. Off to Home Depot after doing some research on Consumer Reports. Creating the new fascia was a piece of cake with the right tools! We reevaluated some of the project priorities and decided that we needed a bench on the deck, and with the new table saw I figured I could handle it.

It was a chore to complete in the heat but we are quite pleased with our new addition!

Just as a side note, thinking of the ranch. Here's a picture of my 1965 John Deere 4020 with the loader. Althought it is nice to be home, I kind of miss the massive amount of daily labor that we managed to do every day on the ranch. I spent most of yesterday (and most of my next several days will be spent) catching up on my studies.


me said...

love the bench! Did you really make that by yourself?
I have to ask, is that a huge satellite dish in your neighbors yard?

Kate said...

That bench was all Jon, from conception to design to implementation. And yes, that is a giant satellite dish. Funny, I don't even notice it anymore. He's really into ham radio and has all kinds of antennas around.

paige said...

Wow, that's quite impressive - the amount of things you took on (and completed) and the making of a bench. Well done!

Leah said...

Wow, the bench is awesome. And the summer has been good to you Kate. You look outstanding!! We may be in town 9-26/27 - I will keep you posted. Miss you guys!!!!!! By the way, signing up to take a class and learn Italian. The eternal student! :)