Wednesday, June 04, 2008

P Bar Lazy W Update

I just wanted to take a moment to post an update. Some of you know about our latest saga dealing with evicting our renter so I'll not rehash the details. This morning we were in court for our trial. Court is funny out here in the rural west. The judge kicks the mud off his boots, trades his cowboy hat for a long black robe, and then calls his own court into session. In short, we won.

This morning, after 9+ months of trying to be the "nice guys", the Honorable Johnny Seiffert ruled in our favor and we legally seized possession of our ranch and all property that had not been removed by the defendants. Finally! We did end up with several huge piles of trash, a 1969 mobile home converted into a storage trailer, and a large burn pit that the renter buried. Some might have trouble seeing how I could possibly be happy with the outcome, but on the bright side, they are gone. I can deal with trash you can haul to a landfill, it's the trash that takes a judge to remove I can't stand.

So far we've hauled a lot, and by a lot I mean several decades worth of trash (about 5000 pounds) . We probably have several tons left to haul to the landfill. Thankfully, we bought an 8'x18' trailer to handle all of the debris removal.

The house we intend to rebuild is nearly empty. Tomorrow, I'll begin removing the flooring and some of the wall covering so the structural engineer can see what kind of shape the building is in and give us his recommendations on how to proceed with our rebuild. I should be working with a mini-excavator on Thursday and Friday digging a trench for our water and power lines and also doing the prep work for the new septic system that we'll have to install.

It's late now so I better get to sleep, it's going to be a busy day tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day...etc...etc...

P.S. Kate got a new pair of cowboy boots! Talk about the cutest lil' cowgirl ever!

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Leah said...

AWESOME - AWESOME - AWESOME! I am so glad they are gone and you can get down to business! Those Montana folk are just the coolest bunch ever, ain't they (the judge, I mean)! And Kate is cuter than you, cowboy boots or not! Keep up the good work you guys! Can't wait to see it. When you are all done you can come help us build our mountain getaway!!!!!!!!