Thursday, March 20, 2008

Green Eggs

We picked up this dozen of fresh eggs from the Boise Co-op the other day and to my utter delight, some of them were green!

Here is a close-up view; some of them have speckles!

Jon grew up on fresh eggs, but I had never eaten one. I love eggs for their role in baked goods and breakfast, but I am picky about them; I am one of those people that picks out the squiggly white tag (the chalazae) and won't use eggs if the whites are too runny. I admit I was a bit squeamish to learn that they are fertilized:

I think what this really means is that they COULD BE fertile. Because the hens are free-range, there is no telling what those ladies have gotten into or where there morals...lay.

Jon's fried eggs were cooked first and he oooed and ahhed about the depth and flavor of the eggs. Again, I was squeamish. To be honest, I don't really know what egg flavor is and I'm not sure if I want my eggs to have a flavor. So it was with trepidation and I admit, some mild nausea, that I ventured into my first bite.

I was an animal science major for two semesters in college and learned how to identify the white dot on the yolk indicating the egg is fertile, so for my breakfast I definitely had scrambled eggs and chicken zygotes. And well, they were good! Bon Apetit ya'll!

1 comment:

Leah said...

I should certainly hope
that in order to cope,
You cooked up some ham
to accompany them
as green eggs can hardly exist
without ham in the pan to complement this!
I know, twisted . . . but I couldn't resist!