Thursday, February 28, 2008


One of the exciting things about owning an older home is discovering the garden plants for the first time. Spring is the perfect time to do so. Bulbs are rearing their heads all over our yard and so far I have identified tulip, crocus, hyacinth, and daffodil. Saddening is the lonely plant markers strewn across the yard like fallen soldiers on a battlefield. After so many years of neglect, I doubt many of them will be resurrected. I've seen tags for hollyhocks, Solomon's Seal, foxglove, salvia, and many others with names so faded they can no longer be identified.

Yellow crocus in bloom

Pink hellebore about to bloom


Anonymous said...

I see a young woman gardner looking down at her blooms itching to see all that is under the earth and smiling at what's to come. Enjoy!!!

Start polishing the green thumb.

Kate said...

You know me well!

Anonymous said...

I am in full agreeance. Seeing the bulbs breaking through the earth and buds on trees makes the winter-wait worth all the cold and flowerless landscapes.

Selina said...

glad to hear you are finding nice surprises in the yard. I miss my gardening buddy.

jer said...

i have to let you know, that i think theres a rabbit conspiracy going on on king charles.

i see the lil buggers every single night, and they're heading right over to where all of your berries were, the optimal word being "WERE", i think the new (soon to be old) neighbors are feeding them., they aren't scared at all, in fact one of them was right next to the deck stairs, almost like he wanted to come in.

bastards. i'm buyin a bb gun.