Thursday, January 24, 2008

You Go Girl!

Limits I say..... You've got to set limits on the things you do, when you can. I don't have a parking pass for the BSU campus so my limit has been set by default. I ride my bike to school, I'm limited from parking a car on campus.

This morning it is cold, bitter cold, and Kate was on her bike early heading to work. The paper said this:

Boise, ID
Currently 8 degrees F, sunny

Almost makes you want to ride or walk to work doesn't it? Luckily, we live close enough to our daily grind to ride a bike. It really does feel good to do it, and no it's not just a hippie thing!


Liz said...

Okay, I will not complain about it being in the 40's and raining here in LA! You go girl, indeed!

Selina said...

Jer and I are SO NOT coming to visit you guys in the winter - you'll show us around town on the back of your bikes! I'm all for helping preserve our beautiful world and all..but you guys are just nuts! Set some limits - really its okay.

miss ya

Anonymous said...

Chris N.


Hey, what has a polar bear ever done for you? :-)

SegoLily said...

Came upon your blog by searching for Idaho blogs since I have a blog intended for Idaho-ans. Anyway...I think it's so great that you're riding your bike to get around, even in the freezing cold. More than I can say for myself!

Anonymous said...

I remember when a 3rd grader couldn't
run around a track, look at her now, fighting the elements. How great is it! Cudos to you and the fact that you love the outdoor life.