Monday, December 03, 2007

Saturday in the Snow

Kate and I decided we'd try to find some snow to break in our snowshoes on Saturday so we headed up to one of the nearby Park N' Ski areas. Whoop-Um-Up was the natural choice because it is dog friendly. Tucker and Cash were almost as excited to get out in the fluffy white stuff as we were. Cash did great, although he can pull a little here and there. Here is Kate demonstrating the proper technique of how to react to the pull of a 90+ lbs blind dog. Falling!

Kate and I don't have much experience snowshoeing yet, which led to a few falls. It's amazing how easily you bite the dust when you step on your own shoe, when the person behind you steps on your show, or when your herding dog tries to hitch a ride on your shoe! Needless to say, you slow down and think about the precise placement of your next step.

Cash had no problems in the snow, his fur seemed to be genetically perfect for tromping about in the snow.

Tucker's fur, not so perfect. Tucker fought the snowballs all day, as you can see here.

Tucker will be getting some small shoes very soon. I think he'll be a little annoyed with them at first, but it has got to be better than the alternative.

Snowshoeing is a great way to get out and enjoy our natural winter surroundings in Idaho. The trails we visited on Saturday are a little over an hour away from the house, and the trails should be open at our local resort in a few days.

We can wait for our next outing. Think Snow!


goodgreekgirl said...

brrrrrrrr! looks & sounds like you had a wonderful hike. i miss snow and hope to see some this year. enjoy your winter wonderland!

jer said...

Great shot of the Cash dog. He's looking so good these days, so much different from that first day on King Charles. What a handsome man in black.

Jon said...

He's a different pup these days... He realized the dog-bed isn't big enough, now he tries to get on the guest bed!

Walter Jeffries said...


You asked about the name of our farm, Sugar Mountain Farm. It is located on Sugar Mountain where we have our maple sugaring as well. So yes, it is the maple syrup although it is also a nod to the song.

Have fun in the snow!



Liz said...

I'll come visit when the snow melts! ;0 It looks fun but cold!