Monday, December 17, 2007

Playground: Kate Style

This weekend brought plenty of snowboarding to the Idaho Dunn clan. Fortunately there was only one minor hiccup, and it was all me. Early Saturday morning I frantically loaded gear so I wouldn't be late getting on the mountain at Brundage Resort. It wasn't until I was in the parking lot completely geared up that I tried to put on my gloves. One right and one right.....errrrrr NO!!!!!! 12 degrees and I was riding in my liners because I inadvertently grabbed one of Kate's gloves and one of mine. This meant that for her first snowboarding lesson, Kate had two left gloves, one of mine and one of hers. Fortunately she was able to use my left glove on her right hand during her lesson.

While I was at Brundage on Saturday, it was snowboarding lesson 1 for Kate at Bogus Basin, just north of Boise. Kate headed up a snowy Bogus Basin Road alone to find a few inches of powder laying on a small base. Check out the winter skills, she's driving on this stuff!

Sunday morning we were both up early, much earlier than we planned due to the aches and pains stemming from the first day of snowboarding. A little coffee, a bagel, and plenty of Advil seems to be the right combination to ensure you can ride again the next day. Lesson 2 on Sunday! She's rocking that boarder girl look isn't she?

Kate commands that snowboard just like she rules her kayak, with grace. It doesn't matter which sport it is, Kate doesn't provide much carnage. She only fell a couple of times, one good edge catch was all I got to see! That's it, and I didn't even get a picture so it really comes down to you believing me. :)

We were still pretty sore today but it is getting better. There is snow in the forecast for the next 10 days in this region, too bad this is finals week for me. Friday we're headed to sunny Florida for what is sure to be a great Christmas. I'm already daydreaming of the powder days to come in the new year.


Liz said...

She looks like a total pro! Go, Kate! Florida is going to feel heavenly after 12 degrees.

Jon said...

I totally agree!

Liz said...

Just hoping you all had a lovely Christmas yesterday. Best to you both.