Saturday, August 11, 2007

We interrupt this blog ...

... for a cross-country move Boise, Idaho. Things are changing so quickly; new city, new lifestyle, new house (we hope). We have misplaced the cable for the camera and have hundreds of pictures and many stories to share about our journey and our current state of affairs. It's been such a blur I am afraid I will forget if I don't write it down. I miss Raleigh-home, but love Boise-home.

For the past 11 days we (dogs, too!) have been living out of a Marriott Springhill Suites hotel. I have taken to calling it "the apartment" in my mind. The best things about it are the surprisingly yummy free breakfast and the hotel's proximity to the Boise River. Woe is the day I have to start making my own morning coffee again. Just about every day after work, we walk down to the river, take the dogs for a swim, watch all the people floating and fly fishing, and marvel at this urban gem. Yesterday after dinner we picked blackberries while we wandered.

We have a contract in on a little brick cottage and if all goes as planned, we will close on Thursday. The unplanned part is that we found an underground oil storage tank. Yes, folks, as if once in a lifetime wasn't enough, ring the bell for round two. The current owners are in the process of having it dug out right now and if there is no leaking or soil contamination, we will proceed with the home purchase.

Have patience with our blog as we rearrange our lives. Love and thanks to everyone who has supported us in this (ad)venture. We are off to the farmer's market!


Anonymous said...

i haz miss old neighbors
oh wait, i haz a bucket.

noooo no take i's bucket
i haz miss old neighbors again.

Liz said...

Hope things work out with this cottage. Yes, once in a lifetime is definitely enough!

Kate said...

The tank is out and we signed the paperwork today. Final closing and walkthrough tomorrow. Very exciting.

Kate said...

Dear anonymous Jer,

old naybors be missing
their old naybors too.

i haz yer bucket
now iz mah bucket
but i looks inside
and mah bucket empty.