Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good and Bad

I finished up my first week of classes tonight in the best possible way, an early release! The instructor finished the first nutrition lecture in about an hour and 15 minutes. Hopefully my two night classes will need less attention than the two day killers. I get to ride my bike to campus for my day classes, but I have to use gas twice during the week for school, isn't that cool? Only driving two days a week is going to take some adjustment.

As most folks know, Idaho is the top spot for wildfires this year. I could see three fires north of Boise while driving east on I-84 going back to Boise after class tonight. I took a picture with my phone , I must apologize for the quality of the picture. It's an awe inspiring thing to see the smoke from such a great distance. (Look above the white car and you'll see the plume of smoke, to the right and left are two more fires.)

Hopefully we won't run into any fires (or bears) while camping this weekend at Lake Cascade.

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