Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spray Paintin' Hoodlums, Dancing Chickens, and Flaming Droids

The holiday weekend passed without much energy input from us. We did our normal weekend type stuff plus a few phone calls to moms. I did a little mountain biking on Friday with Adam. Saturday was a chill day here at the house. Sunday things started to get interesting, you see as people were driving up to get a flier out of the “For Sale” sign box they could see the four of us hanging out in the next drive doing something that looked a little shady. One dude spray painting, and three spectators. The stress free holiday was nice, I hope everyone was able to enjoy the same.

You can take the kid out of Fayetteville, but can you ever really take the Fayetteville out of this kid?

Here is the finished product.

Monday I took care of our normal chores like cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping. I made chicken and dumplings for dinner (but we ate it over rice instead of having dumplings). I think we’ll do the dumplings tonight as we eat the leftover sauce. I do have to get back to the grocery store this week because I ended up with some four year old sour grape juice. It seems as thought I picked up a bad bottle of 2003 Waterbrook Merlot. Glad I bought our favorite backup, Le Grand Noir. Pick up a bottle of the black sheep and you won’t be disappointed.

We headed next door to check out the dancing (or beer-butt) chicken while we enjoyed evening drinks on their deck. Much fun and a happy Mothers Day's weekend!


Anonymous said...

by the looks of their website, i think the folks at le grand noir are doing a little more than drinking wine. and way to go jer, flame on!!

Jon said...

pretty cool site wasn't it!