Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Cash was supposed to lose his jewels at the vet tomorrow, but we had a little change to the master plan. Cash brought pretty much every parasite you can think of with him when he came to our house. Ticks, fleas, and worms! Have I mentioned the fact that I hate parasites!

Unfortunately, he brought the wrong kind of worms. Our new-found friend is still going to the vet early tomorrow morning but instead of the "snip-snip", he's going to have a bunch of toxins shot into his lower lumbar region in an effort to kill the heartworms he's been carrying for an undetermined amount of time.

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Anonymous said...

hope everything turns out good for you and Cash! Les:)

John said...

We're pulling for you big guy - be strong!!!

sheila Martin said...

I sure hope he's going to be alright. Could the heart worms be effecting his eye sight? Cash is a sweet looking puppy.

Jon said...

Les- I think he'll be fine. We just have to wait a month before we can neuter him.
John-Thanks! I bet he can feel all the love goin his way.
Shelia- We aren't sure yet, we've got to get him into an Opthamaologist (sp) next week.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes lil buddy...

Anonymous said...

his namesake had some issues and got through them, i'm sure he will too.

all i got are two words.



Jon said...

Thanks for the wishes Antonio, hope all is going well for you these days!
Jer- one word..... Yuck