Thursday, April 05, 2007

Remember the Dog Park?

I remember taking Tucker to the dog park on a regular basis last year. He remembers it too, I'm sure of it. Each time we turn down Glascock street he begins to pace in the back of the burb. When my blinker starts ticking and he hears my foot hit the brake pedal he starts whining in that very annoying sort of super-caffeinated way that most of our beloved pups do when they think a treat is in their future.

It's been awhile since we've ventured out to the dogpark. Even if Tucker could talk, he wouldn't be able to convince me that he needs to socialize with other dog owners. You see it's not the other dogs or even bad dog fights that have changed my opinion of dogparks, it's the SDOs (stupid dog owners) that really scare me. You can read about my last dogpark visit here.

Warning, you will probably be appalled at what you read. If you're an animal lover you may feel anger, or even shed a tear.

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