Monday, March 26, 2007

Do you eat lemons or make lemonade?

I’d say I try to make lemonade most of the time. A glass of cold lemonade tastes better than plain lemons. After power-washing the house yesterday (all exterior painted and concrete surfaces) we decided we wanted our front concrete stoop to resemble the back step, which looks pretty good now.

This is what I found after a couple of passes with the powerwasher. Nice eh?

Today is one of the days we find lemons, now it’s time to make lemonade. See those cracks? The 2500 lbs psi stream of water will destroy the steps so I’ll have to seal then paint the steps. We’ll have to use a textured paint so the friction coefficient will be tolerable. I think we can make it look great. Do you think we can make lemonade? Any color suggestions from the peanut gallery?

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