Monday, February 19, 2007

New Project

Now that you know what's growing on around here, I'll fill everyone in on what's going on at the homestead. The new project has begun. It's a big one. So big that I've called out a few good friends to help get it done. The shed needs to be moved, and we're going to do it Saturday. Here's the basic picture.

The shed move has consumed me over the past week or so, it's all I talked about for days. My poor friends... :) After talking to a professional about the methods used to move a shed I decided that with help it was possible to do ourselves. A few calls and we've got a crew. There will be pictures from the move, I promise.

I'll share some progress before I fall asleep. It's been a long day round here. I started by exposing the 4x4 skids the shed rests upon, then I started unloading the shed. I am shocked at how much stuff we have. At twelve feet wide by twenty feet long, it provides a ton of storage space and is a huge plus for our house.

Dig, Dig, Dig...

All four of them. Dig, Dig, Dig...

Nice sawhorse table.

Can I dig? Carrying all this stuff is making me tired. By the way, does everyone else keep every little scrap of wood that might be useful in the future or is it just me? Ridiculous, eh?

Everyone needs a little supervision. T-dog is providing the supervision for this project. Can you tell he'd rather be playing with the Frisbee?

During today's excavation I took note of our tools. We have cool tools. Does everyone recognize the tool on the right?


Anonymous said...

The True Doctorate. Go Jon, Love to Kim-Kate and yourself,MaF in P-cola (Dr. MaF to you)

Anonymous said...

that would be a fence post digger?

Jon said...

Yes it is a post hole digger! I was hoping people would know.