Friday, February 23, 2007


There is a tour going on, are you watching? Most people probably aren't watching and many of you probably don't care about bicycle racing. For those of you that do care, here is a quick update on the Tour of California. The kid from Montana is winning, 2 stages left in the race, short of a nightmare he'll win it. Levi is his name, Levi Leipheimer. Checkout his website if you'd like to see more.

The race can be seen on the old OLN channel, or as it's now called Versus.

Those of you at work can sneak it in on the computer if you'd like here.


Anonymous said...

I watched most of the race from th ecomfort of my couch. The coverage was good, at times it felt as exciting as the TDF, but I wish I it was available in HD.

I'm thrilled that Levi was able to hang on to his lead and win the overall race. Team Discovery really came through for him. Next year, I expect we'll get out there and see it in person.

Jon said...

HD... I wish I had cable tv. I watched in on the computer, it was okay on the 2" screen, choppy sound, etc... I'm happy to watch it however I can.