Saturday, December 09, 2006


How do you define warmth?

Some people describe warmth in those terms you would read on the familiar thermometer hanging on the barn. Tonight those people would tell you it is bitter cold. So cold, in fact, that Raleigh may set a record low temperature tonight. Today our high peaked around 37 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a pretty nippy 18 degrees out there right now. There is a sharp "crunch" with every step in the yard.

Personally, I find a little bit of warmth in the cold, I thought while walking with Tucker in our backyard tonight. I guess I miss the cold weather, and I am reminded of the cold winters growing up in Montana. I think school was even canceled a few times due to the cold weather, but school cancelations in Montana didn’t happen until the windchill pushed the temperature near 45 degrees below zero. That was Bridger cold. The cold in Montana might seem significantly more punishing than it is here in Raleigh, but it is very manageable with the proper clothing.

Idaho is cold too, but I can’t wait to play in Idaho's cold weather when we move. Snowboarding, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing will probably be in constant competition to be at the top of our list of favorite winter activities.

While the move to Boise is sweet, there is a bit of sour lingering about it. Living in Boise will allow us to be closer to some family but it will also remove us from close friends here in Raleigh, like these characters.

Tonight's cold reminded me alot of this trip to Linville Gorge.

It was pretty cold at night during this trip--around 30 degrees I think--but the days were awesome. We all had a great hike as you can see in our smiles. Add hiking to the long list of things that I can’t wait to do with our old friends from Raleigh when they visit us in Idaho. I think we’ll be able to get together and hike just like we have in the past and hopefully for years and years to come. I have faith that all of my friendships will survive our move and I'm positive the friendships will continue to grow as time passes.

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