Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ten Percent

So this weekend we started tiling the bathtub surround. This is our first tile job, so please be gentle. I wish we had helped our friends tile their floors so we could have had some experience and been able to estimate our tile requirements correctly. We calculated the square footage and added 10% (not quite enough for us) for mistakes. We didn't account for the waste involved in making aesthetically pleasing cuts. We've got a very symmetrical surround, but we also wasted quite a bit of tile.
I've read some tiling advice on the internet, all the pros say to "start small". I don't think they meant you should start tiling walls, perhaps small floors would have been a better beginner job. We ran out of bullnose today. We'll have to get more and finish setting tile Monday or Tuesday. The bullnose debacle means we won't be able to start grouting until Tuesday or Wednesday. On the bright side, we get our countertops installed tomorrow!

So close to finishing! We just need a few more pieces of bullnose.

What do ya think?

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