Saturday, November 18, 2006


I started on the "custom shelf" this morning. I had to shim a few things before I started because nothing in this house is square.

Pine walls and pine shelves form the interior of the closet. There will be poplar on the outside of the case, finished with two 40"x17" doors. We've increased our storage capacity by 4 shelves! If i'm lucky I'll be finished with this project tomorrow.

To my surprise I've been subcontracted to Dot (our neighbor) by Kate for a portion of Sunday. I didn't find out about tomorrow's project until last night. I just have to secure the windows on her shed.


Daisy said...

Nothing in our house is square, either. It's an 1890 Victorian. We love it, though -- unsquare corners and all.

Jon said...

We love ours also, going to be sad to leave it behind.