Sunday, October 22, 2006

What a weekend!

The past couple of weekends have been exciting around the house. I have made significant progress on the bathroom, we've hosted dinner a few times, and Tucker has been to the vet for his shots/checkup. Here is a "picture tour" of the bathroom updates.

Three weeks ago, we seemed to be at a dead stop. The plumbing, subfloor, and framing were complete but we didn't have the motivation to get going. We'll have guests for Thanksgiving, so I thought I'd better get moving.

Last weekend I took care of the wiring and the exhaust fan so I could begin hanging sheetrock. Yesterday, I was up early doing a little demolition in our friends' kitchen in preparation for their contractor to begin work on the new kitchen. After the demolition, I was in our bathroom hanging the ceiling with a little help from Mike and Jer. I finished hanging the sheetrock just in time to prepare for dinner. Kate made a delicious North African Stew.

This morning after our Buttermilk Pancakes, we headed up to The Home Depot for cement backerboard so I could put the walls up in the shower area. Another full day in the bathroom today.

Now it's ready for mud!

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Anonymous said...

WOW You are quite the carpenter! Looks great! Les:)