Thursday, September 14, 2006

Identity for Sale

One of the things yard sale afficionados will warn you about is leaving valuable items or information in your stuff when you sell it. You should check for credit card receipts, cash, or in my case, an uncashed tax refund check from 1994 with my social security number prominently displayed. Identity thieves: don't go looking for it, I've erased it from the photograph.

I found this check while flipping through a Deepak Chopra book that was headed for the yard sale pile. I guess 1994 was not a banner year for my income or my weight. I was a senior in college and my job was waiting tables at a local deli called Bagelville. I never did finish the book.

For Sale: Deepak Chopra's Finding Your Perfect Weight, a bargain at only $83.91.

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