Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Growing excitement

I have turned the corner and am now getting really excited about moving to Boise. The more I study the area, the more I realize it has to offer us.

Jon and I had tickets to go to Billings in early October but decided we should really visit Boise instead. We were able to switch our destination for about $200. We were going to try to do our lodging on the cheap, but I made reservations for us to stay at the Idaho Heritage Inn in the Warm Springs District near downtown Boise. I'm looking forward to the trip since I spent most of our short honeymoon sick and in bed.

The Warm Springs Historic District, which was begun in the 1890s, is really intriguing because it was one of the first urban neighborhoods to harness geothermic energy from natural hot springs. Today, the Warm Springs Water District heats approximately 200 homes with water that has a supply temperature of about 175 degrees. There are several other geothermal water districts in Boise and other parts of Idaho that operate in the same way. Most of the spent geothermal water is returned to the acquifer.

It will probably be too early to look for a place to live when we visit, but we are planning to explore the area neighborhoods so we have an idea of where we might want to rent.

Here are some other things I have discovered that I am excited about:

the Boise Off-Road Mountain Bike Babes
Boise Co-Op--a natural foods grocery cooperative
Boise Boaters--a forum for local paddlers

More to come!

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