Thursday, August 17, 2006

Humble Pie

This past Sunday, Jon and I returned from our Hot Springs trip to find that Jon had left the garden irrigation system on...all weekend.

I was not pleased.

The yard was a swamp in a 20 foot perimeter around the garden. I was thinking about all of that water, wasted. I was thinking about the huge water bill we will be getting next month, which would be especially painful because we are now living on one salary.

Jon could tell by my body language that I was upset. Knowing that it wasn't intentional and knowing that there was nothing to be done about it after the fact, I held my tongue.

Fast forward to yesterday. I worked from home, then we left at 4:00 pm for a mountain bike ride and kayak roll session at Beaver Dam on Falls Lake. Afterwards, we met some friends for dinner at Salsa Fresh. We got back to the house at about 8:00 pm and Jon noticed a glow in the kitchen. Closer inspection revealed the gas burner under the cast iron pan was lit. Jon came outside and asked, "Did you use the cast iron pan today?" "Yes," I replied, I heated corn tortillas...for breakfast."

What is worse? Water bill and flooded yard vs. gas bill and the charred remains of our home.

Humble pie is a bitter pill.

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